When do babies start to talk?

My LO is 7.5 months old and i'm saying 'mama' to her all the time to try get her to say it but all she can do at the moment is scream REALLY loud, and go 'Gahh' or 'Gooo' and little ahhh sounds. What is the average age when babies start to say actual words?

oxox :?


  • My 8 & half month old has just started to say 'mom mom' when she wants picking up.

    She has also said 'dad dad' for a good month or so - although this tends to be when she's in a good mood.

    Typical eh, mom mom = unhappy, dadad = happy!!

    I'm looking forward to the day when what she says means something!
  • DD is 9 months and has been saying dada for about 2 months (although indiscriminately). Yet to have a single mama image
  • It varies sooooooo much as to when they talk! I'm sure ds thought I was mental, the amount of times I tried to get him to say "dada"! He was definitely a late bloomer, now he's 14 months and has heaps of words so don't worry. My friend's baby is 21 weeks and has been mimicking people's speech for ages, she has mini-conversations with people, it's lovely! I don't think it'll be long before she says her first word, she's definitely way ahead of where my ds was! Don't worry chick x x x
  • My nearly 7 month old can now say 'mamamamaama' and often 'babbababa' but she has whole days where she won't say it all and she just blows raspberries all the time, and others where she won't shut up! No dadas yet, hehe. I would like to think she knows what 'mama' means but I'm not convinced deep down, lol!
  • My LO started talking when she was about 7 months. At 10 months she can say:




    Kee Kee (the cat)

    Uh Oh

    That's about it. Lots of babbling.
  • I think it varies so much from baby to baby, but also on how you interprete the sounds they are making.

    My dd is 9 months and babbles constantly. She does say mum mum, mama, dada, addy, all of which sound like words. But she doesn't always say them in context, so I'm not counting them yet (rightly or wrongly I don't know). She also makes a babble speech and then looks at me and waits for a response, so she is saying something, but I've no idea what!
  • our LO is 13 months and can only make sounds like gaga and baba, however i didnt talk until i was nearly 3 so i am not expecting miracles! he can understand and physically is more developed, walking climbing etc, its such a huge varience x
  • I'm the same A-Nonny-Mouse, my lo (8.5 months) makes lots of noises like dada but I don't see them as words yet as everything she sees is dadda-dadda lol
  • lizzie on;ly said dada at 13 months! she had been saying mumumum for a couple of months but once we got back from holiday she started saying loads more. dd1 was very early with talking and had a wide range of words well before first birthday.

    like others havbe said, dont worry they talk when they are ready and your probably find lo will be more advanced in one area than another. i mean lizzie was proper walking at 10 months!
  • I think with younger LO's, sounds can often be mistaken as "words". noises like dadadada, babababa, are just practise sounds and learning to use their mouths to make sound, rather than actually saying "dada" meaning their dad. As others have said it varies loads, at your babies age I wouldnt even bat an eye lid that they're not "saying anything", it really isn't a worry image you'll know when your LO starts to use words with meaning and in context and that could be months away yet XX
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