Travelling Advice Please....

Hi ladies,

I'm after your help please... I'm taking my DD on a family holiday in a few weeks time, she'll be 4 months old. I'm hoping you'll be able to give me some useful tips and advice on travelling with a baby that young please?!

We're not travelling too far (Austria) but my main concerns are that firstly it'll throw her routine completely out... She's sleeping through the night now and I'm worried the different cot and surroundings might set her back a bit. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? And also I'm really concerned about feeding her on the journey. She's on formula so I'm not sure how I'm going to get water and heat it up at the airport/on the plane etc?!? Any other useful tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advnace for your advice.

Becky and Heidi 10 weeks xx


  • I took DD to Fuerteventura at 4 months (4 hour flight) and it was fine. They (Monarch)took on her pram & car seat free of charge don't know if they all do this. We got to go to the front of most ques. We made up & took all her formula, & kept them in a cool bag (your allowed to keep bottles cool just not keep them warmed) the people that frisk you just made me taste a bit, then while on the plane the stewardesses warmed them up no problem. She was small enough that she was fine strapped to me for take off & landing then when she fell asleep on the flight I put a load of blankets on the tray table & she layed on that so all in all her routine wasn't really that disturbed. She cried a bit with her ears on take off but was asleep when we landed.

    I relied on jars over there as she was weaned at 4 months & got a microwave sterliser which was brill. I would also take a supply of nappies as they are super expensive when there.

    I really hope this helps & you have a fab time, if theres anything else you need to know just holler!

  • Thank you so much golden girls that's really helpful,

    I have a few questions if you don't mind.....

    How did you find your LO with the change in cot? I'm worried DD won't sleep in a different cot.

    And which microwave sterliser did you take? We have a Tommee Tippee sterliser that does 4 bottles but I was thinking that'd be too big to take maybe?!

  • We have travelled a few times with our son (nearly 1) over the past year.

    I highly recommend the microwave sterilising bags (think they are linden). We took them on a cruise and found out we didn't have a microwave in our cabin (annoyingly!) so I boiled kettles and put boiling water in the bags with a bottle and left them for five minutes. It never did my son any harm. I also used Milton cold water tabs on our first holiday, which again were fine.

    With regards to the cot, it may be a travel cot. So if you have one, try to get your little girl used to it before you go by maybe putting her down for daytime naps in it.

    We took Aptimal cartons on the plane with us and empty bottles. The air stewardess had no problem heating it up.

    Good luck, and have fun!

    x x
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