Moving from breast to bottle (also in Born in Dec)

Hi there

Hope you are all doing well! image I have been lurking, when time allows! I would really like some advice please......

Sophie is now 6 weeks and 2 days - and doing really well! I have been breasfeeding and in the last 2 weeks introduced formula at the evening - she will only take a max of 3oz.

I am ready to move her from breast to bottle, which I do feel guilty about as I fed my eldest DD until 15 months (because she wouldnt have a bottle!). However, I am not enjoying it as much as I did first time mainly because I am absolutely exhausted all the time.

I need advice on what is the best transition method? Any advice on this on general bottle feeding would be so greatly received!

Thank you in advance

Sharlene xx


  • Well done for getting to 6 weeks - the early days can be tough, sorry to hear you're not enjoying it as much as you did with your first baby.

    I introduced formula to my son at 6 months, and at first it was a battle to get it into him, and for the first week or so he'd only take 2oz, but he got used to it and started taking 6, and before long he was guzzling it down. He was only on 3 milk feeds a day when we started switching to formula in preparation for me going back to work - he was still having breastfeeds morning and night so I knew he was still getting that milk while he got used to formula. If you're not desperate to stop immediately, would you consider combination feeding until she starts taking more formula, so you know she's still getting enough milk - at 6 weeks it's important she gets enough, so it might be a good idea to switch one feed at a time - even one a week maybe, and it'll stop you getting engorged when you cut down/stop too if you do it gradually.

    I'm no expert, and my experience was with an older baby who was on solids too, but just sharing my experience in case it helps at all.
  • Thank you for the reply sunflower. I am not desperate to switch overnight and happy to do it gradually. I introduced the evening one a couple of weeks ago. I am going to try and alternate the feeds between ff and bf, then top her up with bf if she doesnt take enough bf for the time being until she gets used to it.

    Thank you for your suggestions xx
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