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I have an extremely constipated 7 month old LO....I have tried it all to get her to go, when she does eventually manage it...her poos are like rocks! Its since we have started weaning,but figured it would get better but it hasnt image. She is on C & G follow on milk but just wondered if anybody fed comfort milk for constipation, say a feed a just help things along! In my head it kind of makes sense, but just want so advice really!

Thanks girls xx


  • I would personally go to docs. My ds1 has real problems with constipation and has done for over a year, so doc has given him lactalose to help soften the poo, and he's had pessaries to put up his bum and they worked within 10 minutes! I don't think just one feed a day of comfort would make any difference tbh.

  • Thanks Sammi image I'm gonna give the docs a ring I think! I just want normal pop back! Lol. Thanks Hun x
  • Lol, I know what you mean hun, I hate seeing Harrison struggling. He tries to go everyday about 5 or 6 times but nothing happens and he generally goes about 4 days between poos, and he still struggles on the 4th day image your lo should be able to have lactalose cos it's just a stool 'softener' and isn't actually absorbed into the body (according to my doctor). Harrison is on about 40mls a day!

    Hope you get sorted hun.

  • comfort feed helped my boys -but i used it because of their bad colic. It defo made them poo a little more tho - tho i used it when they were younger and not yet on any solid food. I would agree that one feed prob wouldn't make any difference tho. I would also try to make sure your little one has plenty of water tho - this made a huge difference to my boys.They are not too keen on it, but defo worth the effort. See what the doc has to say.

  • I was thinking of giving this to DS as he struggles with his wind and doesn't poo very often but my HV said that it rarely makes much difference.

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