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my lo is only 6 weeks, but i want to take him swimming as soon as hes had his 8 week jabs. the pool im planning to go to says they keep their baby pool at 31-32degrees. we have some huggies swim nappies which should fit him (they are xs size!). what else do i need to put him in? Do i need a wetsuit type thing to keep him warm? do i need anything over his swim nappy? will he be warm enough in just his swim nappy?

thanks for any advice.


  • Hi,

    I go to baby swimming lessons with my ds and we're told to "double bag" them! i.e they wear a Huggies disposible swim nappy, then another swim nappy on top (such as Imse vimse or splashabout - these ones basically look like normal swimming trunks.) I don't use a wetsuit - but we do go to a hydrotherapy pool and it is lovely and warm. Might be worth trying him first and then you can always invest in a wetsuit if you think he's getting cold.

    Have fun, my lo just LOVES swimming!


    P.S A top tip I was given is that you can re-use the disposible swim nappies, as long as they're not dirty. Just rinse them out after you've been swimming, and leave them to dry. I find I can use each nappy two or three times this way. A good way of saving a few pennies.
  • Thanks. And that's a great idea about reusing the swim nappies-I'll try and remember thatimage
  • I took my LO swimming at 6 weeks. Definitely get a little wet suit to keep him warm. Well worth the money. Even at 31 the pool is too cold for a LO.
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