Clothes for long distance car journey!


We are travelling up to London tomorrow with our 4 week old. This is about an hour and a half to 2 hour journey.

I am thinking baby will be ok in just a babygro with a blanket over her.

Do you think this will be ok for her?




  • It depends how warm you have the car. Blanket is better than pramsuit as you can take it off easily if needed.
  • i'msure that will be fine - you can take the blankwt off if your little one gets too hot and take another blanket if they are too cold.

    We do that kinda journey lots - that is what we tend to do. If you have the heat on,the car gets quite warm.

  • we're driving down to weymouth in a few weeks, which is 3.5 - 4 hours for us, we're just going to put our girly in her sleepsuit with a blanket and adjust as needed... we're also leaving in the dead of night, but that's cos we're a bit bonkers i think!
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