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Removing mucus from throat

Hi all, LO is getting over a horrific cold. We have been using a Karvol diffuser in the bedroom to help unblock her nose, which has worked amazingly, however we now have the problem that all the mucus has moved to her throat making her upset for most of the day and difficult for her to feed. She also wakes up in an absolute state at around 5-6am because she has spent hours on her back and it seems its all pooled in the back of her throat.

I have tried looking online for any tips to help with how to either remove it or prevent it getting any worse but getting no luck - has anyone had this problem who can give any advice as to how to make it any easier for her, i have spent the past 30 minutes in tears as i feel so helpless and she is obviously really suffering as this is now the 3rd day.



  • Hello fello BIO! As you may remember Logan has been v poorly with this!! I am afraid I don't have any magical answers to this image Hospital gave us nasal drops to loosen it up so that it flows easier. Also just raising the head of her bed or mattress.

    You can get aspirators too but they never worked for us.

    Sorry I can't be any more help.

  • DS has had a cold for a few days now and we've found raising his mattress has helped. I've also used a nose aspirator like Snugglenush suggested, I spent half an hour (not exagerating at all) clearing it for him last Sunday at 5am, it worked wonders and I think it must have been quite far down if I needed to do it for that long - but afterwards he slept amazingly after being really upset with it.


  • Thanks guys, snugglenush, i really really sypmathise with what you have been going through now - it's awful. We have been giving nasel drops but i didnt think it would help much now it's in her throat, but will definately give it a go. It seems like we are doing pretty much what we can, we have a nuk bulb aspirator but get no luck with it at all, do either of you use a different branded one which might be better?

    Mrs Rainbow, did you just keep going with the aspirator in LO's nose?
  • we have the NUK bulb one too moomin and not had much luck. I've heard of one that you actually physically suck the mucus out - dunno if anyone used this?

  • I used the one out of the Tommee Tippee grooming set. It's shaped like a bulb and works like a pipett. Wheh there is nothing to 'suck up' I find that the bulb inflates again quite quickly, but when there is mucas, it inflates much more slowly and that's how I realised that it was working.


  • hi, my little boy had a horrific cold just before xmas and suffered from this, he has reflux too so any coughing/gagging on mucus is usually followed by a fountain of vomit.... he still does it now once or twice a day (he seems to have constant minor colds). I just think it's something we and they have to live with until they discover how to clear their throat, iykwim. He doesn't seem bothered by it.
  • I' ve got 3 of those and they are great for sucking out mucus

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