Hi ladies

Logan developed a rash at the beginning of the week - like little red spots on his belly and back - some of them joined together to make bigger red patches. I saw a nurse as he was having his injections anyway and she didn't seem worried at all and jsut said that it is a viral rash and as long as Logan doesn't seem unwell that it is fine to jsut let it run its course - that was on Tuesday.

It's now Saturday and the rash on his belly has faded alot but is still there. THe one on his back however is really really red. Now could this just be becuase he lies on his back and he has taken to shuffling along the floor on his back. The rash on his back is also warm to touch.

He doesn't have a temperature or anything like that. His cold has almost cleared up now and he doesn't seem unwell. He isn't sleeping great but that started before the rash and I don't think it is related.

Anybody had this before? Any ideas what it might be?


  • Sorry hun I have no idea, but if you're worried maybe make an appointment with an out of hours Dr or go to a walk-in centre?

  • My lo had a little rash and I used oilatun cream on it and bathed her in plain water for a week or two, it might just be taking longer to clear on his back as he's lying on it and getting hot/clammy?

    If possible I'd try to give it some air with him sat on your knee, or perhaps sit him in the bumbo maybe if you have one?

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