Moving to own room and cats!

We are hoping to move LO to her own room tomorrow night, she is getting to big for her basket and i think that we are both keeping each other awake with our different shufflings in the night!

What is the best way to go about this, should we just put her straight in the cot or should we put the basket in the cot for a few days to make the transition easier?

Also, i know that this has been covered before somewhere but cant find it, but am i worrying about nothing when it comes to our cats? They dont really show much interest in LO they just see her as something that makes lots of noise! They hsve never tried to get in her basket although we have had to turf them out of her pram and bouncer a few times. We have tried to make her room a no go area over the past few months and we have never found them in her cot but they do like to sleep on our bed with us and I worry that they will now want to do the same with her. I dont want to shut her door as that will make checking on her a nightmare, but need something to keep them out, i suspect they will just jump over a stairgate.

How have any of you dealt with this or has it never really been a problem for any of you?


MM xxx


  • Hiya,

    With regards to 'the move' i would put the basket in the cot for a few nights so it's not such a shock for her. She can then get used to the new surroundings before taking the basket away. That's what we did with our LO and after a few nights we took the basket out and left him just in the cot. He had no problem adjusting and i think he liked having more space to be honest!

    With regards to the cats i'm afraid i can't help you. I would be wary i have to say and think if any doubt i would shut the door. However i do understand what you are saying about the checking on her in the night. Hopefully someone else will be able to give you some advice. Good luck. I'm sure your LO will get more sleep than you will to begin with! x
  • Could your cats jump in the cot? We have an older cat who used to sleep in the spare bedroom before it became the nursery. He still occasionally go to sleep on the chair in there during the day, but he is not that good at jumping high anymore and has never shown an interest in the cot. At night I shut the nursery's door but I sleep with the baby monitor on the bedside table on the highest setting (I can hear DD snore, it's just like she was still next to meimage

    As for moving her, it is up to you and your little one. My DD did not fuss at all, mainly I think because she was more comfy in the cot than the moses basket. You could try during an afternoon nap, and if she doesn't settle, try with the moses basket in there.
  • We have 2 cats and they are little buggars for getting into the cot. The safest thing for us to do is shut the door.

    They are also killing machines and when they used to sleep in our bedroom before we had kids, they deposited a dead mouse in our bed. Nice!
  • They are middle aged cats and are still more than capable of jumping in the cot so think that if they start showing an interest maybe i will need to try a water spray! The door is really noisy in the handle so we may have to look into getting that fixed if it seems that the only option is too have the door shut.

    Minnie, unfortunately daytime napping is a completely seperate issue for us and we are hoping that by having her in her cot at night it might help her nap in there during the day rather than on us.

    I know that she is frustrated in her basket as she always wakes me when she hits out at the sides which in turn wakes her up, even so i think i will keep her in her basket for the first night at least and see how she gets on!
  • Firstly with our dd we put the moses into the cot the first night but by the second night she was fine in the cot; however she had been napping in the cot a few weeks before hand so wasnt totally strange.

    Re the cats, we have 4 boys who love nothing more than sleeping on our beds. We used to find them in the moses basket if we didnt shut our bedroom door and indeed the cot if we left the nursery door open. So for us shutting the nursery door when dd was sleeping in there was never a question, and tbh she sleeps so well that we've never woken her up by going in to her and she's nearly 2 years old now.

    Personally I think you need to shut the door if your at all concerned.
  • We have three cats, one of which is a bengal and she is very inquisitive and mischevious....found her sleeping in the cot once (thankfully before T started going in it) so since then I always keep the nursery door closed. We need to get the wd40 out for the nursery door as well as its noisy lol.

    Its only the past couple of weeks that i have started puting T into the cot, mostly just for daytime naps at the moment but we just put him straight in without his moses basket and so far (touch wood) he seems to have taken to it ok....he just fights sleep as he always does lol. Will need to start putting him in his cot at night as well though as he is rapidly outgrowing his moses basket image

  • We moved her into her own room at 10 days because we were constantly waking each other up. We did it in the middle of the night and we put the moses basket into the cot. When she was waking herself up we put her in the cot and got shot of the basket and funnily enough that happened in the middle of the night too. We also have a cat she her door is always shut. Even though he has never bothered going into her room, we cannot shut him downstairs as we are open plan. We always have our room door closed at night so he is not really upstairs he sleeps on the sofa or at the bottom of the stairs I just wont take the risk. If you are worried for checking her, if lo is asleep properly the door opening should not cause baby to wake trust me ours is seriously noisy!! If you are really concerned maybe consider a video monitor and a sensor mat but we have had no problems x
  • WD40 should sort your door out no problem hun but I would certainly keep the cats out of baby's room as you just never know. Im being a bit hypocricital as I used to sleep with my cat but that was up untill I found a bit of cat litter in my bed (only a grain) and then it hit me that sometimes she gets the grains stuck in her pawpads and its not very hygenic is it? I love cats though image
  • WE used a cat net got it off ebay and was brill but didnt keep her big sister out lol one morning i found both girls in the cot with the cat net on so somehow dd1 had climbed in under the net lol luckily dd2 was about 10 months by then,but apart from that swear by the cat nets and also pulling the door to so not quite closed so it doesnt make a noise.hope all goes well for you we have 4 young cats and havent really had any problems dd1 is 3 now and dd2 will be 2 in march.
  • Very similar to our situation, lo sleeps on me for naps!! But I have now got her in her cot (although she still gets up a couple of times a night!

    She never took to the basket so I put her in the cot by itself - we make evening routine in her room and play in the cot for a while first.

    Our door on her room is tough, kinda have to click it shut. I shut it to and the monitor is so sharp if the cat opens it, the noise on the monitor is very loud. Although our cats have no interest in her, they like to sleep in anything that is hers, chairs, playmat, cot etc. Although he has only ever been in the cot when she isnt in it and does prefer the chair in her room, I still wouldnt risk it and shut the door properly when I go to bed, it doesnt seem to wake her up and she is a light sleeper, good luck
  • We've got 2 cats and as the nursery door is very noisy to close we did want to leave it open if we could. What we engineered up was a double stairgate situation so we had a standard stairgate in the usual place at the bottom of the door, then we got one of the kiddiguard ones which is like a rollerblind and put that above.

    They were never once able to get through that (either between them or climb over the kiddiguard one). As LO got older we got more brave about shutting the door and that's what we do now - just as we do with our own door.
  • We have two lively young cats - one of whom loves my LO. We put a stairgate up at the door of her nursery and in 5 months they haven't once managed to get over it and I can sleep in peace.
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