obaby xl tandem anyone?

has anyone got this pushcahir?


  • my friend has one and although she likes it she has said its quite heavy and bulky. I was going to get one but as ill be having a cses i figured its gonna be too heavy to lift afterwards so ended up getting a phil&ted explorer which is alot lighter.x
  • my friend had one and said the same - too heavy. This meant turning was hard and going up and down steps/pavemenys.

    I had an i candy peach blossom,but my boys hated the 'back' seat,then I tested a baby jogger elite - loved it,but it was massive and VERY heavy to lift in and out of the caran house, but up was great.

    Now I have a little nipper 360 double and i LOVE it. It is so light and so easy to push. Defo the easiest and seems really comfy for the little ones.

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