Nipple lump - very worried (also posted in BIA)

Daisy is now 6 months old and has a lump in her right nipple.Its about the size of a small pea. The nipple sometimes looks slightly inverted too. It doesn't hurt her when I press it. The nipple doesn't look red or anything just a slightly different colour than the other one (slightly purple like a faint bruise). My doctor said not to worry when I asked him and said its just due to hormones, but I only BF her till she was 4 weeks old and since then has had formula.

I hope I'm worrying for nothing, but I wondered if anyone had any experience of anything like this? And if so what happened? Obviously the worst thoughts are going through my head, but she's a happy, healthy baby otherwise.

Thanks Tracy x


  • Evie had lumps under both her nipples, the HV explained it's breastbuds due to hormones, it's very common. I can't for the life of me remember what age she had them or they went, but the disappeared on their own. Google it and you should get some info on it! XX
  • Thank you that's really reassuring to hear. I've had a look on the Internet but a lot of the questions etc are from mums who are breastfeeding and as I'm not breastfeeding her I wasn't sure whether when they say hormones whether it's the breast milk that causes it or whether in her case it's just daisys own hormones that were causing it. I was a bit worried it was something different because I'm not breastfeeding her. It's so worrying, but you have made me feel better that it's not just her. Thank you x x
  • I had this with my little boy a few years back, and like you was really worried. As lines said, it is hormonal and will just disappear. They can also have mini periods due to hormones. X
  • Could it perhaps be that the articles coming up after a google search on talking about the mothers nipples having lumps whilst bf? rather than the baby? make sure you type in "baby" in your search. It is indeed the LO's own hormones which cause the lumps. Glad you're feeling reassured now XX
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