My baby has been suffering from gastroenteritis. She has eaten hardly anything in 3 days and refuses milk because it's too painful for her, and I can barely get her to drink more than 1oz of water.

Anyone have any tips? I am offering her calpol and as much water as possible, but I feel so helpless when she has a 'spasm' and nothing I do seems to soothe her.


  • Give water little and frequently.1oz is fine,you can offer another ounce an hour or so later.Increase the amount a little more each time if she can keep that down.If you try to give a lot in one go,it'll make her sick again.Don't worry about the milk for now,she'll be alright for a couple of days.It's important to get fluids in though,just don't try to give too much in one go.Once she's keeping water down reintroduce the milk diluted.Maybe start quarter strength.Next day half,third day three quarters.Fourth day normal.

    If you're still worried,see your GP.

    Hope your baby's better soon.

  • hi my little girl had this at about 2 years,i can totally symperfise with you cas it is awful i slept next to her bed for 2 weeks in fear she would choke on her sick as she would vomit every hour or more, how old is your little 1? i found with my daughter ice  pops really helped as they soothed her sore throat from constantly being sick gave her a little sugar for energy and it helped a little to  re-hydrate her, i was told not to worry at all with food, once they are ova it there appetite does come back. xxx
  • Thanks for your replies. She is only 4 months old, and is totally confused about it. she's not really eaten her milk for 4 days, though my sister suggested a weak sugar water to tempt her and it has worked today- she had her first full wet nappy since Tuesday. And- which drew tears to me this morning she drank 2 oz of diluted milk this evening! Thank you 'theoldwomanwholivesinashoe'- your advice was exactly the same as the Dr last night.

    I'm feeling a lot more positive this evening because she drank the milk without any tummy rumbling or spasms. I'll take the next few days in it's pace and hopefully she'll increase her milk/hunger over the weekend.

    I've not been so tired, emotional, worried ever in my life. It really tests your 'inner self' this motherhood business! ha

    Thank you both for you advice.

    Elenid xxxxx
  • Glad your baby's feeling better.It'll take a few days but she'll soon be back to herself.Hope you both get a good night's rest and your little one continues to get betterimage
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