My hubby and I live in the UK but my family is in Canada. Baby is due end of May and I'd like to go home for the summer. Is it mad to think we can travel in late June/July (its an 11 hour flight). Also my hubby is due to work on tour in January, starting in Europe and then Americas. I'm in a tizzy about what to do - we're not ready with anything and the indecision of where to settle is making things chaotic. Is it realistic for me to think I can cope mainly on my own, and possibly travel for visits with a baby (6-7mos?) . I've always enjoyed the travel but now am not sure. If anyone has experience or can recommend essentials to buy for a travelling baby I'd appreciate the advice.


  • It's the best time to fly with a baby. Once they start crawling or walking, long haul flights become fairly hellish. We did Seattle (12 hours) when our daughter was 10 months which was brilliant. We booked late flights with the baby cot and she slept for pretty much the whole flight. Just to let you know, British Airways won't guarantee you a bulkhead seat or babycot, even if you pre-book. I'd try and fly on American, Virgin or Air Canada if possible as it's a much better service.

    Two useful items: Travelcots and carseats, but instead of taking them with you, try and get them beforehand. In America, we borrowed them locally, I found some local mums who lent me theirs on an internet forum (so handy!). My daughter doesn't sleep that well if she's not in a travelcot. Samsonite do pop-up travel cots but these are only suitable until they can sit up unaided so not much good for us now.
  • Thanks so much for the reply! Borrowing is a great idea! I wasn't even sure if I bought a carseat in the UK if it would be ok to use in the Can/US. My girlfriend from NY was obliged to rent one from Avis on her last visit with their kids. Thanks also for the heads up with BA. It's reassuring to know you survived 12 hours flight unscathed. image
  • well doing a 12 hour flight this summer with a nearly 2-year old. am sure it won't be so trouble-free this time!

    i have no idea why the carseats would not be compatible. the car seat we borrowed was EXACTLY the same spec as our one back home, so i think it was probably just AVIS trying it on to charge some extra money!

    yep i won't be in a rush to fly BA again soon. i've mostly flown with them short-haul instead of budget airlines like easyjet because BA don't charge extra for you to check the pram and carseat in with you, whereas cheap airlines do, but if you're flying longhaul, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm still debating whether to take the travelcot or not with daughter just doesn't sleep that well without the travelcot
  • Went to look at a travel system (w/carrycot) vs. a from birth buggie yesterday, and was wondering the same thing - the buggie was v. light weight and folds small. But the travel system carrycot seemed a good idea for the first 4-6 months. Good to know, I will have to check the airlines to see who charges for what on the short trips.

    Good luck with your next flight! Thanks for all the advice!
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