Sleep issues - any advice?

My 6 month old boy still wakes at least twice but sometimes up to 4 times a night! He goes to bed about 7pm and is awake before midnight and then at least once in the middle of the night too. I can't understand what is waking him or how to break this cycle. He isn't hot or cold as I modify his bedding according to the weather. He downs a bottle when he wakes each time but I'm sure he doesn't need it as he has 2 breast-feeds a day still, at least 3 bottles of 6 or 7 ounces a day and 3 small solid meals. He is putting on weight well although small for his age as he was only 5 pounds at birth. He naps ok during the day (at least one long nap after lunch and sometimes shorter naps too) so can't be over-tired. Any ideas?


  • Hiya

    We are having almost the exact same problem! Jennifer is just over 6 months old and still completely breastfed despite my best efforts to try and get her to take a bottle! Some of her waking issues are down to trapped wind (a whole other story!) but I think it's mainly due to habit and wanting comfort that she is waking up. She is cuddled and/or breastfed to sleep and consequntly wakes up and needs help getting back to sleep as she doesnt know how to self settle. I have bought a book called the no cry sleep solution and we are going to start implementing it on Monday. She covers all scenarios from bf, bottle fed, co sleeping and cot sleeping. The reviews on amazon are really good and so far what I have read makes sense so it might be worth seeing if you can get hold of a copy? Good luck anyways, I hope you can get it sorted - sleep deprivation is such a killer lol!
  • Hi, what are you providing to drink during the night? If you're still providing milk it can be seen as an extra feed which baby will wake to 'top up' upon. Try changing milk for preboiled water. It'll hydrate them if they're thirsty but not provide nutrients. This should encourage them to learn night is for resting and day is for feeding. Best wishes and good luck.
  • Thanks - I actually have that no cry sleep solution book but haven't got round to reading it! It's hard to find time as I have a toddler too. I am offering milk at night Kazzie - I've thought of swapping to water but just scared he will scream the house down.
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