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after an epidural...

HI just a quick question...

i had my third baby on monday and had an epidural (for the first time)...the aneasthetist seemed to manage to put it in first time etc and there didnt seem to be any problems with it.

ever since my baby's birth, although the past couple of dasy more so, i have this shooting/pulsing pain up my spine and up to my neck, esp when ive just been going up stairs or hanging washing, although sometimes it just happens when i am sitting down. id say it happens once or twice an hour-ish.

it starts lower than where the epidural was put in and stops up at my neck, but the times when it goes right up to my neck if feel like i have to shrug my shoulders up to make it go away. it is not terribly painful, more uncomfortable and really worrying obviously as its up my back and neck.

please tell me someone else has had this and it goes away??

i phoned hosp yesterday and asked about it and midwife said some people report feelings like this after epidural and it can take a while to go. id really like to know why it is happening and if anyone else has experienced this.

i dont really have pain in the bit of my back it was put in anymore, just this weird pulsing feeling, it kind of feels like i can feel the blood going up my back or feel my heart/pulse up my back if that makes sense, but a bit sorer than just feeling a pulse.

if anyone can tell me what they experienced that would really help me thanks xx


  • Hey!

    I had this after my epidural, when I told people re GP they acted like I was a bit crazy! but it was happening. My baby is now 5 months and it is long gone. probably went after 6-10 weeks I cant remember exactly but a while back it just disappeared. hth x
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