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Hello all,

I have a six month old baby and I wonder if anyone can recommend a good backpack style carrier for her so we can go hiking? Or if you bought one and didn't like it it would be useful to hear what problems you had with it.

I wouldn't say money is no object but i don't mind spending money for useful features although not just for the sake of spending or for brand name.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks x


  • not quite the same but i know a lot of ladies who rave about mei tai....apparantly they're super duper comfy for back carrying, but i've not used one myself (i have a ring sling for my 4month old and 2yr old)... believe these are made by a BE mummy xx
  • we brought a very basic one for ??2 from the car boot! its a tomy one (very basic blue one,nothing fancy at all!) it has straps to strap her in and a chest strap and abdo strap for the adult to wear and has legs to stand it on. she is very comfy in it and we use it A LOT!! i carry her as does hubby,she is about 25lb ish and 15 months and has plenty of room in it. it also has a zipped compartment on the back which we put in a drink and her changing bag.

    this is the exact one we have (just grabbed first one i came to off ebay to show you!)

    anyway what i am trying to say is ours does the job brilliantly and was ??2!!
  • We've just come back from a walk using ours for the first time actually, and we loved it. My LO is 7.5 months and weighs 21lb so is a bit of a weight and my husband found it fine carrying her. She seemed very happy in it too.

    He used to do a lot of hiking and had a lot of praise for the backpack as it was very well made apparently! It's very lightweight and has a lot of adjustment (although is still simple to use).

    It's the Littlelife Traveller S2 and there's more info about it here:

    It cost us about ??70 but I looked around online to get a slightly cheaper price than the RRP.x
  • we have a petite star one

    its fab we've even hiked up the malverns and at 24 lbs my dd is not a diddy thing lol highly recommend lots of storage fab price and she even fell asleep twice LOL x
  • We have the Little Life cross country and I LOVE it.

    We do loads of walking at all times of the year so we wanted one with a full rain cover, which this has.

    Our little man is very comfy in it and he is comfortable enough to sleep in it. We used it all through the winter in all the snow and he didnt get cold or wet and we are using it now in the heat and he is still happy.

    He is coming up to 13 months and I can still comfortably carry him
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm going to have a look at them all online before making a choice. x
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