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making up bottles while out??

hi i have just my third baby 10 days ago. when i hd my first it was still ok to make bottles up beforehand and store them in the fridge for reheating, then with my second it was ok to keep water and powder seperate and mix them when needed, now with the whole thing of making each bottle as you need it, i find it difficult to know what to do when im out for any length of time. i have been using cartons of ready made milk when im out, but this costs alot, and obv since he is only taking about 5 oz per feed i am wasting half a carton each time as i cant store it til home.

What do you do when you are going out? would you bring a flask of boiling water and powder seperate or would you make up bottle beforehand? i thought i had it all sorted until midwfire let me know im not supposed to do it the way ive been doing it. and that since mums have been doing it the way ive been doing it (keeping water made up and adding powder when required) the levels of gastro bugs in babies is the same as developing countries! this kind of shocked me, and i obv dont want my baby to be ill, or for me to feel guilty in any way about it, so i would like to try my best to do it the "new way".

what do you all do??



  • DS has 6oz bottles, so I put 4oz of boiled water in all my bottles and leave them at room temperature. When I need a bottle, I add 2oz of boiling water and add the milk powder for 6oz. This makes it the right temperature and has been fine for us. When we're out I take a flask of hot water and the milk is measured out in to the containers that go inside the bottle.


  • I have a tommee tippee flask and bottles and they sell small powder pots that slot into the neck of the bottle so theyre quite tidy and compact. when i'm out i just mix them up as needed. xx
  • I am afraid I do it the way u have been told not to! My HV said this was fine and also my LO was prem so spent 8 weeks in hopsital and this is how the neonatal nurses (specially focussed on infection etc due to premmies) recommended I did it.

    I fill up all my bottles with water the night before and store in the fridge. If going out I then pack it and let it get to room temp for feeding. They also said that microwaving to warm it slightly is fine.

    As long as u add the powder only when u need it that is fine (form what I've been told) as its the milk that can bread bacteria and cause tummy probs.

    Hope this helops rathet than confusing u further! I would amybe ask another midwife or HV and see what they say, seems silly to be stressing if this midwife might just ahve got it wrong or misunderstood
  • department of health advice is that the milk powder must be added to water no less than 70 degrees to kill the bacteria in the milk, then cooled to the correct temp for feeding. So a flask and powder pots are the way to go - or ready to feed, but yes, very expensive, stock up while on 3 for 2 at boots! I only use ready to feed because it's sterile, plus I tried powder and following the rules, esp for two is crappy and takes too long to cool.

    My twins were 8 weeks prem and I am obsessive about the rules as am so scared to make them ill - that said, so many people don't follow 'the rules' and their babies are fine, so don't worry too much.

    I'm very aware that 'the rules' have made me very very stressed and worried for the last 10 months, much more that I should have been. Don't become like that, it's hard work for all concerned! x
  • When Evie was having smaller amounts I would take a flask and little tub with the powder in and make up as required but now she is on 6oz I use the cartons most of the time. As Lyndsayuk says the water has to be no less than 70 degrees c to kill any bacteria that may be in the powder. I was confused as first but soon got used to it and we manage really well with both options now.
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