Hey am new on here, any other teenage mums fancy chat?

Hey am emma am 19, fell pregnant wen i was 18 and had my gorgeous son afta i turned 19.

How is every1 and there babies? Hope to hear from u's soon xx


  • hey hun, hows u?and baby?im 21 but had my little girl when i was almost 19.she 3 now and soo amazing!lol!image wats ur little boy called?how old? hope to chat soon claire xxx
  • Hey hun am good thanks, am so is baby. hows u? Hes called Levi and hes nearly 6month

    They grow up so fast dont they xx

  • aw they do its crazy!!i cant belive my little on is in nursery and so independant already!image seems like yesterday she was a baby!aw what a gorgeous name!is he good?well anytime u wanna chat email me or something!!xxxx

  • I love his name, always have lol. Wats ur wee girl called hun?

    U plannin anymre?xx

  • hi, im daniella was 18 wen i fell pregnant and am due any day now!! dont know what im having cant wair to find out! x x
  • Hey, aww congrats hun, hope the birth goes well 4 ya xx
  • hey im 16, 9 weeks pregnant image cant wait to see my little baba! haha, me & my boyf are so excited, bit scared of losing he/she thou! image oh well chin up!imagexx
  • Hey, congrats hun. Aww dnt b scared hun, fink positive.

    Bet ur really excited xx

  • i remeber being paranoid about losing the baby every little niggle would be a what was that? moment it's perfectly normal just try to think positive i'm sure you'll be fine x x
  • hi im jessica.i was 17 when i fell pregnant and 18 when i had my son.im now 19.i called my son dougie and hes now 1.how is everyone coping?x
  • Hey im 21 i had my son wen i was 19 and his name is riley-lewis he is now 2 and a half. Hows every1 coping being a young mum? xx
  • Hey, I love being a young mummy, best thing ever. How you liking it?x
  • It is the best fing ever. Love bein a mummy to my baby boy espically a young mummy lol xx
  • *update* had my son on 22nd june delivered by c section because he was breech. being a mum is the best feeling ever and i think being a young mum has helped me to heal quickly after the section within a week the wound was healed! hope it goes well for you all x x

  • Hey I am 21 a single mum. I have a gorgeous little girl who is 3 in Januray and am 27 weeks Pregnant with another little girl who will be called Milly.

    I love being a mum, I didn't exactly want to be a single parent of 2 at the age of 21 but these things happen. Its not easy but its worth it.

    What annoys me is when people put young parents down and make out that we are terrible parents. I know some older mums that can't cope with there children as they don't have the energy to run around after them.

  • hey felicity my husband is in the RFA and is going to be away for a couple of months at a time atm he is away during week days and home on weekends he was only home for 10 days when Cai was born and I had a section birth it's difficult on my own and tbh my family aren’t that great at helping and only help out by holding the baby so I can cook and clean no offers to help me do it!! just make sure you get allot of support and with regards to knowing how to do stuff I had no idea but don’t be afraid to ask people what to do I went to parent craft classes when I was 37 weeks pregnant which have been really helpful but have also phoned my midwife a few times for advice x x
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