Reflux: Your solutions?

Anyone coped with/trying to cope with reflux? What's your solution?

Jenny PP


  • we used a reflux wedge pillow.
  • one nursery that i worked at we had a little baby who had reflux and we had to put baby gaviscon in her bottles of milk each time she had a feed.
  • I used to put a folded up sheet underneath on end of the moses basket to prop my baby's head up, that seemed to work at nights.

    I also used Dr Browns bottles and found that they worked really well. They are expensive but worth it in my opinion, they genuinely work!
  • When they were tiny I always made sure they were propped up after a feed,never laid them in the cot till I'd given the feed a little chance to go down.I always layer the sheet too so if there's cleaning up to do you don't have to change the whole bed.

    With my eldest the GP prescribed Gaviscon because he still had it at a year.It worked really well but the same GP then decided he didn't want to prescribe anymore because it contained too much salt.He eventually out grew it at about 18 months.

  • My youngest is 6mths and is still suffering with it, thankfully she is not upset by it now (as a baby she cried after almost every feed) but she is still what we call a 'happy sicky baby' !

     We use gaviscon which doesnt solve the problem but she is so much worse without it, so we will carry on with it for now. We were advised to wean her early to help but I am not sure it has really made much difference!

    We use a cot wedge and keep her upright after feeds etc etc but I think it will just be a case of waiting for her to grow out of it!

  • We used Gaviscon too - made a difference but didn't get rid of it completely.  Propped up her cot / she sat in her bouncy chair after feeds.  Made sure I always had a number of clothes changes in the changing bag.  Mina was a 'happy sicky baby' too.   No real solutions - just ways of coping!!  image  Mina grew out of it when we started weaning her at 6 months.
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