Bath time tears

Hi all, hoping someone can offer some advice.

My daughter is 9 wks at mo not sure if age makes a difference on this one. We generally bath her everyday and follow the same steps each time. She is happy to be in the bath, looks around and is generally curious about the whole thing, but when we start to take her out she screams bloody murder. She goes red in the face and starts holding her breath (not the relaxing bedtime routine we were hoping for), we have tried warm rooms, towels etc have tired putting her in the bath with one of us but it makes no difference. She has baby excma which means it is v important we dry her well in all her little creases or it could be made worse and her screaming makes this difficult. She will keep crying until we have finished dressing her or picked her up for a cuddle!!!!




  • I think it might just be something that you have to wait till your baby grows out of.It will probably only last a few weeks.
    My youngest loved being in his bath,cried to be taken out and dressed.A lot of babies don't like being dressed.A lot don't like the insecurity of being naked.The easiest thing is to get it done as quickly as possible,while still getting her dry,and dressed again so you can have a cuddle,and reassure yourself it's just a phase ,she'll grow out of it.
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