new baby (7-8wks)..when to start his nighttime routine?

hello guys and girls!

just getting used to having my little one (7wk 3days) around however made some HUGE mistakes with his elder brother ie:not getting him into nighttime or napping routine until about 4mths.zack seems now fairly settled and will happily drop off to sleep in his bouncer do u think its time to put him down at night on his own upstairs?plus i have a two yr old any tips on how to incorporate the two??

id be so very muchly greatful for any advice any one has on routines and timings or how to manage the two boys at night time best xxxx


  • Hi

    I would start a kind of routine asap, my lo is 5 1/2 months and has slept great, last night bed at 7.45pm and up at 8.30 am. she has always slept really well but its so much easier to get into a routine when they are not feeding at night. I have always have my little girl down between 7.30 and 9pm at the latest, during the day I have always let her sleep when she wants to sleep rather than a routine as such and always let her wake up herself rather than waking her. We always bath,bottle and bed but other than that its not a strict routine, i always think if the routine is strict you can sometimes be setting yourself up to fail or get stressed if its not followed.

    so other than that i would recommend routine at night time and follow your baby during the day.

  • sorry forgot to add always try to put your lo down awake, rather than rocking, cuddling,feeding to sleep. If ur lo wakes through the night if they get used to going down awake they can normally get themselves back to sleep rather than needing you to rock or feed them to sleep - well thats whats supposed to happen!


  • Hi Lara,glad your'e back on!!!! How you doing hun???

    I would get little one into routine fairly soon,just to make life easier,I think if I remember so,we tried ours at around 8 weeks,by as scotspink said putting them upstairs awake,the what I tend to do,is put baby down first,then take older one into their room for a nice story cuddle and chat about the day.

    Doesn't always go according to plan,but with my 2 it worked 6 out 7 nights,the odd night LO would start crying,and to give Tom chance to be lavished in attention,I'd usually finish story first and we'd have  achat before I saw to Jc,sadly Jc has a set of lungs like no other boy I know,so some nights he ended up in Tom's room for story time,but I did try and limit this in case we had jealousy. Mine still go to bed at same time,mind you 17mths between mine and they share  a room so it's easier all round.

    Good luck with whatever you try,and remember,do what works for you and your family hun x x Glad Zack settled though x

  • If Zack will drop off happily in his bouncer,I'd make the most of that,and settle him in his cot.

    Can you bath both your boys together?

    Having had the toddler and baby thing with most of mine,what works with us is.Tea at 5,bath at 6,together.I put the baby in a bouncer while I do story with the toddler.Then toddler to bed.Usually birings us to about 7 by then.Then last feed for baby and straight to bed.For Merlin,that's mobile on,raggy and toy.All of my babies had some sort of sleepaid.Helps them settle should you need to take them somewhere new.

    At that age we did nap 10-12 am ,then again 2-4 pm,depending on what else you have to do.We can't always stick to it,Merlin's afternoon nap is often interrupted by school runs

    Hope you find a routine that works for you.

  • thanks ladies for all ur help and advice!hopefully i'll be able to get something sorted pretty soon then!

     rach when did u put lo into toms room?we're keeping zack in for now but did u put him in at 6mths or wait til a bit older?zack and harvey will eventually share a room u see?

     isnt ot funny i only did all this sleeping routine two yrs ago(and made a mess that not even jo frost would be able to sort!)yet i seem all clueless again!

    thanks again for msgs xx 

  • Hi all we tend to put Evie down between 7-8:00. Bath around 6:30 followed by last feed and then put her down, usually awake/drowsy. She has three naps not regimented just feed for an hour (including winding and nappy change) play for an hour then she normally gets grisly. But she is still not sleeping through the night so maybe only two naps is best, she 10 weeks now.

    Hope you are all well xx
  • Hi just woundered if anyone can help my daughter is 8 months old from about 3 months she has been in a routine half 6 bath bottle and bed and would go straight to sleep about 7 and wake twice in night and get up about 8 in the morning.Now she has a bath dont want bottle and wont sleep with out screaming for half hour to hour before giving up and going to sleep. Its getting me down as i dont like her crying so i give in and take her out her cot and cuddle her to sleep but at time she wants to get down and not have a cuddle from me am i doing wrong? anyone please help.
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