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Anyone else really struggled with weaning?

My son is now 7 months- we were advised to wean him early as he was taking so little formula so we started around 21 weeks. He's now 31 weeks and we've had 10 weeks of trying and trying and trying with little success. He will only occassionally take completely smooth purees (which is fine as he's just 7 months)but shows no enthusiasm for eating at all and often it ends with me getting so frustrated I am in tears. I know everyone will say to relax as he will sense my frustration but there have definitely been times where i've just thought sod it and chilled out and it still hasn't gotten him eating.

I just wondered whether anyone else had a baby that was really slow to take to food? Or anyone who has been through this and is now out the other side? The HV worried me the other day saying I must get him chewing food and onto 3 proper meals a day or else he may develop speech problems etc. She basically suggested restricting his milk feeds to encourage him to take solids but this just seems so mean to me. It's really scared me and I just don't know what to do. Any advice anyone can give me would be great

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