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o/t 3yr old birthday party

hi, off topic, i know, but i need help! I have 4wk old baby and i am frantically trying to think what to do for my almost 3yr old boy's birthday in 2 weeks.

he isnt at nursery yet, and he only really has 2 friends. i also have a 6yr old girl, who i would allow to have a couple of friends with her if we had a party for her brother.

what do i do?? we were thinking just a wee thing with a couple friends/grans etc at the house...but where do we go from there?

he expects a party and thinks that when it is your birthday you get a party, as we have always given partys for his big sister's birthdays.

we just want to mark the occasion really and give him a little extra attention as he been havibg to get used to a new baby in the house.

anyone got any ideas what we coudl do with so little children?

where we live we aree not near any softplay areas and couldnt expect people to drive far to one for a party, so really it has be in our house.



  • My daughter had her 2nd birthday party last month when she was 2.5 (her actual birthday was missed because of issues with CHarlie). We had an Easter egg hunt and a treasure hunt. We actually had a lot of children ranging from 6 months to 7 years and it worked really well. Parents helped them read maps and find the pressies. It should work well for a few children.

    TBH though as long as he gets balloons, pressies and a cake he will be more than happy.

    H xx
  • I'm also trying to plan a 3rd birthday party for my son - and to be honest, I agree with Blondefriend, I think all he really wants is balloons and a cake! Just having a few friends round will be fine, it can still be a party - how about hiring a bouncy castle so it's a bit different to just being at home? If you have any garden games/toys you could get them out too. A bit of party food, party bags, pass the parcel?
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