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I'm after some recommendations please as I am planning on bottle feeding baby and there are SO many different sorts of bottles out there. Are there any that you would definatly say go for OR definatly avoid?

Many Thanks


  • I think its really individual- I used TT closer to nature as I planned to bf and mix feed and they are meant to more closely imitate the breast. I know others with colicky babies have raved about dr brown, some babies prefer the cheapy tesco bottles- might be worth just giving one that you like the look of a go!! x
  • There are so many, it's mind boggling! I bought tommee tippee ones with DD as I had already bought the breast pump set so they all worked together. Other than being a bit wide for some bottle warmers I was pleased with them and fortunately she wasn't colicy. It did work well for mixed breast milk and formula feeding for us.

    This time I have bought the same again (and the electric steriliser as used Milton last time) as I was happy with them last time.
  • I breast fed my daughter but when we came to switching to bottles she wouldn't take anything from the TT closer to nature bottles but takes Avent bottles x
  • I breastfed my last baby but my first was formula fed from 2 weeks old and we used avent bottles and they are great. Nice size to hold, pretty universal for bottle warmers and spare parts are easy to buy. X
  • I tried tons of bottles and without doubt found MAM the best. I know quite a few people who had windy babies swore by them too.
  • Moominmummy, i second that. MAM teats worked for us. I breastfed until around 6 months and now mix feed.x
  • Definately down to baby and your preference - we use TT closer to nature, Aila had awful colic and my friend swore by Dr Brown so I bought a pack they were a big waste of money for us they didn't work for her colic and didn't fit our steriliser! I chose TT Closer to Nature because I planned to combi feed - the steam steriliser came with quite a few bottles as did the pump so we didn't actually have to buy any more bottles.
  • i bought avent anti colic for my little boy hes 11 weeks now and has never had colic i found these really good,

    i know a few people that swears by dr browns more expensive about ??10 a bottle,
  • Like other ladies I planned to combi-feed, so I got TT Closer to Nature bottles. They're fab, I've never had a problem with them, and DD learnt how to hold it herself pretty early too.

    The only thing is, if you get a fancy Pink Lining bag like I did, they're a pain in the bottom to fit into the insulated pockets especially for bottles.

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