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how do you find baby groups in your area?

I am looking for under 1s groups in my area but I am struggling to find any.

I have tried the internet (google, netmums) but dont know how else to find them.

Any suggestions?


  • Do a search for SureStart centres in your area maybe? They run baby groups. Your health visitor (or the GP surgery) should also be able to give you a list of groups in your area.

    You also have loads of "classes" you can do with baby, sing and sign, baby sensory, tumble tots, kinder music...
  • NCT website as well maybe.
  • Your GP and HV should have lists of reccommended, approved baby groups in your area and any special time slots for certain age groups. You may also find them advertised occasionally in the classifieds of newspapers inviting you along to view/have coffee.
  • Netmums is great for finding baby groups and classes in your local area, there is also a meet a mum section if you fancy meeting people near you with LO's
  • Just re read it and saw you tried netmums!! ignore me, I'm knackered!!

  • I tend to google the nationwide organisations - Tumble Tots, Tiny Talk, Baby / Toddler sensory (although I guess you know those!), Caterpillar Music, Monkey Music, BabyBallet, Sing and Sign. Most of those have classes near me x
  • I'd definitly look at you local childrens centres, they tend to offer a range of groups and you can go to as many different centres as you like.

  • surestart? ask ur health visitor, gthey should have a list x
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