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Double prams with theabiloty to...

Use a car seat with?

Any ideas?

My little one will be 16 months when this LO arrives so I def need a double/tandem!

I do have a budget but could stretch if I needed!

I likethe idea of being able to use a car seat just for popping in and out of the supermarket so I don't have to wake LO!

Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated!




  • We're looking at a Graco tandem where our DD will sit up front and the back can be used like a travel system with baby either lain flat in the seat or in carseat (as we already have graco carseat). Believe Maxi Cosi also do some of these too.
  • we have the icandy pear, the city select has this option too as well as the icandy peach x
  • so does the newest phil and teds x
  • Hello fellow DID mummy.

    We went to the baby show on Saturday and ordered the new model Britax b dual. Wasn't keen on any tandem but the new b dual has changed the main thing i hated (back child having no space from front seat) and can't wait for it to be delivered xx
  • I'm going to look at the britax b dual or when this little one comes along, my son will be 21 months so i'm a little worried about the space but i like that it converts to a single buggy when the double isn't needed any more. The other thing i am looking at is the phil and ted smart buggy then adding a buggypod to it. The buggypod is collapsable and again can be removed when i don't need it anymore.

  • we have the baby jogger city select and its fab!
  • Hmmm I like the look of the britax be dual and it's so cheap too on kiddicare! I'm not a huge fan on the child seat being tucked under but I don't want to spend a fortune either and I don't want side by side! xx
  • icandy peach, it's a little pricey but FAB
  • We've got the phil and teds vibe with the double seat and maxi cosi carseat adapters as we had cabriofix carseat from DD. Still waiting for no.2 to arrive but works well and is easy to swap around when practicing with DD and her dolly!
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