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lO not eating....

My 14 week old has really gone off her food....she feeds every 4 hours, last feed at 10.30 and averages 5-7oz per feed. But since Thursday I have struggled to get 4 in her & the last 2 days it's been 2oz- just back from docs & no virus or anything so just need to keep trying toss feed her often. - my mum says to give her some baby rice to keep her eating, but I was adamant it's not good before 17 weeks(which is when I'm going to start weaning anyway,). - basically I'm looking for advice & opinions as I am really worried-she only put on 2oz last week.


  • It could be the start of teething, my lo went off his food whenever a new tooth came in. Just persevere and try a couple of oz's every 2 hours, she will start eating as soon as her appetite is back. As long as she is gaining i wouldn't worry too much about the amount unless it's a small amount over a long period of time, next time you get her weighed she might have gained a substantial amount.

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