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Naming Ceremony Reading

Hi all,

I'm organising a naming ceremony for our dd in August, has anyone got any ideas for a reading or poem? It has to be non-religious and preferably something a bit light hearted as I'm already in tears just reading booklet they've sent out!


Elf x


  • Hi,

    My Little girls naming ceremony is in 2 weeks, I can't wait!

    We've chose 3 poems/readings!

    On the night you were born, which is being read by my brother!

    Follow your dreams, which is being read by one of the godmothers!

    We want! Which I am reading, to be fair they all make me cry but only because they are all so beautiful!

    Hope I've helped!


  • Thank-you Becky, they're all beautiful!

    Good luck next week

    Elf x
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