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Hi everybody, I am new here. I have a toddler and a newborn. Since we only would like to buy buggy that is facing us we have 2 choices.
ICandy Peach double buggy or Jogger City Select Double B. Anyone who have them, used them?


  • I'm not sure about the peach, but check out this link for a lady who does - I have the select and love it, and bought it blind as nowhere near me did the double version.  This site really helped me to decide between them, and it appears that the select outweighs the peach by quite a bit...

    and here's the comparison:-

    Hope that helps...

    I'm not necessarily a fan, but there's also the B-Dual which may be worth considering, although you can't have two children rear facing.  If you look at the peach though, the second child may as well be forward facing, as the view they get is incredibly diminished and seems to be mainly of the back seat of their sibling!


  • Also, I think you may be confusing the icandy peach with the pear - the icandy peach can only face's the pear that can rear and forward face - I've researched for yonks to find my perfect double!!

  • the peach cant rear face in double mode.

    i had the pear for my two, and i loved it, it was absolutely perfect for me!!! only thing that was a chore was folding, but i got used to it and the pros far outweighed the cons, i used a maclaren twin techno for a while as i fancied a change and the kids were very comfy but i hated it, it was too wide and a nightmare in shops!!

    Now theyre all grown up i have a phil and teds vibe, i got this when my youngest hit 17mnths, as my eldest walks alot it was tricky using the pear and holding onto him, i LOVE my phil and teds, but couldnt have used it in baby toddler mode as my eldest even Now STILL naps in the buggy!!! and used to need to lay down.

    the pear was perfect for me because, parent facing, infant carrier and carrycot for newborn, both seats fully recline, independant raincovers, huge shopping basket and nice adjustable handlebar.

  • Rebecca, thanks for the links, great. Just what I was looking for. Since you are a pro in this research did you come across by any chance a 3-wheeler double? I have a Britax 3 now, love it, but I do not like the B-Dual (no underneath style for me).
    So far City Select is the winner for me. So thanks for the help.
  • Hi Laura, I had heard that the pear is heavy. The buggies are my vehicles but I fly often so folding and carrying are important for me. Also I do worry about the size of the seats my son is 2 and he is rather tall. But I will check it anyway. I think to buy a car is a much easier task.

    Note: this is the first time in my life that I actually registered myself somewhere or I use a forum or any kind of chat. Maybe I am old fashioned. I kind of thought who would pay attention for my problems but actually I had got answers. Appreciate your help. Thanks ladies.
  • No probs - sorry, I didn't really look into three wheelers, but if you go to this site:-

    and start a new topic (or trawl through their old ones, you may come across someone with the same questions),  the ladies are very helpful - they helped me to choose the select.  

     Personally, I'm not a fan of three wheelers, as I mainly use the pushchair for town etc, so just wanted something stable and which folds pretty compact.  What I would recommend, is that you go to this site and post your initial question - there may be other options out there that these ladies have heard of - and they may have another one or two to throw into the mix.  The thing that I've realised whilst searching is this:- There is no perfect double, and also, what is right for one person is not right for another.  The things to include when you post is info on

    1) Where you will mainly use it (town, walks, beach)

    2) If you will be folding it a lot to put in a car, and does it need to be a small - folder (depends on your car)

    3) Do you use public transport, so does it need to be one of these?

     4) Are you set on tandem (front/back) or would you consider side by side?

    5) How old/large is your toddler (I've heard the peach and possibly pear are outgrown quicker than some other prams

     This one may be an option (I have no idea what the design etc is like, but there may be similar better quality ones out there - interesting as you can have side by side and choose the facing direction

    Have looked on the forum at the top and they have some topics about it, and  it seems the seats aren't that big though...

    I know you wouldn't need both carrycot bits, but have shown you thread so you can see...

    I think that's the main things to list so that when people advise you, they know exactly what your criteria is!

    I hope you find your dream pram!! I'm sure that if you post help wanted on there, that someone will be able to advise!


  • Thank you, I will do that. M
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