Exclusive breastfeeding, which breastpump?

Due to little one not latching i have had to conceed to exclusively express as i am determined for him to still get breastmilk, currently i only am using tommie tippe closer to nature manual pump, which is ok but doesnt have the correct suction takes a while and i can only get 3-4oz. due to not wanting my supply to be effected and time saving i have rented a medela syphomy which will; be with me tommorw, for 14days. but after this i do no want to have rent as this will cost more possiably in the long run.

which electric double pump would you recommend?


  •  I just got  a tommie tippe electric breast pump have not used it yet but hoping it will be faster than the manual am using now .
  • I have done a bit of research on this today and the best one according to various reviews and websites seems to be the Avent Isis IQ Duo.

    The Medela one hasn't seemed that popular on the sites I've read, but maybe you could review it and get back to us!?

    Where have you rented one from?

  • Hi I used Medela electric whilst in Hosp and found it great,but couldn't afford one so used tommee tippee manual like you're using,I agree takes longer but all I could afford.

    Medela was good though!

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