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sicky baby/changing milk?

Hi please help!

My baby is 9 weeks old, and he is so sick all the time. He is my third, they were all sicky, but not like this.

He is on SMA (yellow) and firstly I wondered about putting him on hungry baby milk as one day I had to get him one of these cartons as we were out and that was the only SMA that the chemist had...he was not sick after this milk.

SO I wonder if it is made differently so it is staying down better? does anyone know?

Also, what do you thin about if I change his milk onto a different brand, woudl this help atall? or is it just the way he is? surely it cant be good for him to be sick this much.

Its not shooting out acriss the room or anything, just shoots out down his front, and tbh its really getting me down changin him so often, its a full change of clothes every time i feed him...i burp him, sit him up for about 20 mins after a feed, (what health visitor suggested) but this doesnt help.

Please help!!!


  • personally i wouldnt put him on hungry baby formula i ws told they are meant for older babies. i would pop to gp and ask about reflux. i feed both my girls on cow and gate but neither suffered from reflux at all so i wouldnt know if changing the milk would help.

    good luck xx
  • My son Tyler was really sicky, He started off on sma gold but when he was 3weeks old i put him on hungry baby (blue lid) as he was always looking for bottle and no matter how much we gave him he was looking for more. He was getting really sick on that aswell so when he was 6weeks old we were given infant gavicon to help but after a few weeks that still didnt help so he was changed to Carobel powder that is mixed with his bottle and its amazing! He isnt sick at all now. We were using 15 to 20bibs a day with him being sick and now we only need to change when his gets dirty or wet from feeding or drool as he is teething badly! I would ask your DR or HV about getting something for reflux (Tyler doesnt have reflux they say but the treatment for that is helping him!)

    I would only change your little one to hungry baby milk if he is hungry and not just to boost him when being sick! I hope you get something sorted soon!

    Yla + Tyler 5months next Wed! (20weeks 4days!) XX
  • Hi thanks for the replies. I took him to docs today adn he gave us Infant Gaviscon...he has had 2 bottles since I collected it from chemist...and he has not been sick!!

    with the frist bottle, he wasnt sick atall, then after second one (around hour ago) he had a tiny bit of sick that went on his chin..nothing else..its amazing, he is so much happier too, he normally graumbled alot after a feed and wouldnt settle, now he seems satisfied and very settled after his feeds. long may it last!!xx
  • Im glad he is getting on well with the gaviscon! I hope it works for as slong as he needs it! Makes such a difference them being able to hold the milk down! Keeps them so much happier for longer!

  • SMA made DS really sick as it was too rich, we switched to aptimal and the sickness stopped, you could see a big difference in the bottles too as the SMA made them greasy!
  • It sounds as though you have already cracked it, but when my little one was 2 weeks old, she became very sicky. I changed her formula to aptimil Comfort, and it made a difference straight away. It's very thick, and I think it musts sits in her tummy better.

    Glad your little one is keeping his bottle down. I remember having to change my littlle ones clothes up to 5 times a day as she kept throwing up. I started weaning her at about 4 months and it really helped with the sickenss. She is 9 months now and isn't bothered by the sickness anymore - and doesn't have to live in a bib all day!
  • my baby meisha got asthma she is 1 1/2 years old ...just want to known which milk is better for her ?

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