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I candy Pear Question


Wondered if someone could help me, I have bought a I candy pear from ebay and I now need to get a carry cot for the baby my question is how does the carry cot attach to the seat and does the actual seat fabric come off?

Thanks In advance



  • the seat fabric comes off of the frame, then the carrycot fabric goes over it, then this all clips onto the chassis.. quite handy really as takes up less room when not using it, our carrycot lasted unitl dd was 5months (she was sitting) and now we just have the little fabric to store rather than a giant solid carrycot, iyswim? x
  • if u go on the icandy website, u should be able to download instructions x
  • Thanks i'll do that I can't figure out how to get the seat fabric off i've done the zips but then theres a piece of fabric on a ring atached to the chassis that I can't get off???
  • its a D ring so if you move the fabric round theres a small gap in the ring to get it off x
  • Arghhhh thanks piggypops, its at the inlaws at the min but i'll go and have a look, I have also downloaded the instructions hubby is printing them off at work x
  • Does it matter if you use the blue or yellow seat frame? I'm using the yellow seat for my toddler so would like to use the blue for the carrycot but don't want to take it apart until I'm sure

  • Hi. I have just bought the icandy pear and am struggling to put the carrycot fabric onto the seat. I have managed to take seat cover off x

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