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Dont buy iCandy - problems with Prams & Company

Don't buy iCandy products

Please read my blog

Its one parents stand against a poor product & the company that has appalled & outraged me and many other parents.

Parents' consumer rights shall not be ignored.

Please warn other parents and perspective parents

thank you


  • I have i candy peach blossom for my twins, and it's far from perfect but am sorry you've had so many problems because it's been a good solution for us this first 12 months.

    I do believe they mis-sell the pram / seats / carrycots lasting for as long as they do. Our twins were 2 months prem and v tiny, they state carry cots last 6 months - we only just managed this and it's cos the babies were less than 4lb!

    The seat units are meant to last for 3 years but no way will this be the case.

    I've spent over ??1000 on mine and have generally been pleased. but there are a LOT of design flaws that could easily be solved.
  • i LOVE my icandy pear, your entitled to your own opinion but really posting on a support site isnt neccessary is it?
  • Can't get the link to work. Anyway, my cherry has been fine. So easy to push. My complaint is the hood doesn't offer enough shade, which is addressed with the peach and strawberry. My 91st centile baby lasted until 4.5 months in the carry cot, then I put an insert in the stroller to make it lie flat (like the stokke has). Lots of places have bad customer service, mamas and papas is appalling!
  • Guess it depends on where you buy your pram also. I'm getting my peach from John Lewis as they are amazing for their customer service (or my experiences have been). And also it means that JL deal with the company on my behalf image

    BB x
  • I love my cherry! Personally, I'm really happy with my I-candy, and would happy buy another one, and recommend them to friends... But each to their own...
  • I have an icandy peach and I've had it a year now and I love it. When we first got it, one wheel was slightly (very slightly) mishapen and icandy gladly fixed it, no mention of charges, and the also repolished it and re-lubricated all the sliding and moving parts completely complimentarily. We have had nothing buit excellent customer service from them, and am looking forward to converting my pram to the blossom when my next baby is born.

    In fact, the shop I bought it from deal with icandy, bugaboo, silver cross and britax and they said that in their experience, icandy is an excellent company to deal with and they don't have a bad word to say about them.
  • i dont have an icandy but my best friend had one and she loved it!!

    i think the bad customer sevrice is down to who you buy it from. i mean i will never buy from kiddicare ever again in my life (and like you wouldnt wont anyone else to go through the same as i did with them) but i dont think its down to the manufacture. we brought the stokke-and it only took 1 email to them to resolve the problem with kiddicare! soi would always say if you have a problem with a pushchair,email the head office of the manufacutre if the shop you brought from are no help

  • I dont have this but responding to iwantanotherpls - I cant praise Kiddicare enough - I had a fault on my puschair last month (had it exactly a year, had used it for over 9 months) and that one wasnt instock anymore so they said pick another and swapped it!

    Its good to share experiencs, but everyone is different and unfortunately customer service as a whole in England is pretty pot luck and thats bad for me to say as Im a manager of a high street retail shop!!

    Good luck.
  • I have the icandy apple and love it. Had to get a new wheel at one point but that wasn't a problem.
  • I love my icandy peach, its a dream to push, but we have had no problems to can't comment of the company's service, however the family owned shop we bought it from were very happy with the peach and delighted to sell us it.
  • I'm another i candy fan, we have the apple and think its fantastic, my little one is 41/2 months and still has a good few inches in the carrycot. I think it speaks volumes about them how many people have posted in response to this.
  • I have to agree with others here - I've got both an Apple and a Cherry and love them both - yes they do both have their faults but no more than any other pram and now my DD is 14 months old, I'm one of the few people I know that is still using one or the other daily and hasn't changed to a lightweight maclaren type buggy. Each to their own, we are all going to have different experiences.


    29 + 2
  • I have 2 children & had an iCandy P3 for both. Never had any problems with them, had a fuchsia peach 3 for my first & a peach 3 midnight for my second, I think they're the best pram's you can buy. My opinion, everyone has their own.image

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