Breastfeeding - your questions

Hi Mums

Anyone breastfeeding and had to ask their midwife or health visitor for help? What answers did you get, and how did they help?

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Jenny (PP Deputy Ed)


  • Hi

    I asked for help in the beginning as my son wasn't putting on a great deal of weight. I was seen by a Breastfeeding advisor connected with the Midwife, however once I'd been signed off from the midwife I was told that I couldn't see the advisor anymore as I was now under the HV.

    I went to a different Children's centre and saw a different advisor who told me that she shouldn't really be giving me advice but she wasn't going to turn anyone away who needed her help but I shouldn't make it common knowledge.

    I managed to get the email address of the infant feeding coordinator for Bassetlaw who emailed me and then also called me at home to offer advice over the phone.

    As none of our children's centres have a breastfeeding group I think woman in this area are missing out.

  • Good for you for persevering. What advice did they offer you over the phone? Was it helpful?
  • I kept getting thrush and mastisis with my 3rd and 4th babies.  I think with the 1st and 2nd I was very careful about postioning them, but I came complacent with 3and 4. Midwife told me to look at postioning.
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