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Air filled pram tyres, stopping punctures?

we have the icandy pear and one of the tyres keeps going down which makes it hard to push with two babies in it, has anyone found anything to fill them with? the only thing i can find is the slime product but the reviews say it doesnt last long? we have replaced the inner tube with no effect?

any ideas


  • Which type of inner tube did u use? We use the one for prams from halfords and it was crap. It kept going down and punctured easily. I Google the make that came with the pram and bought of eBay . Has been fine ever since. I have quinny buzz x x
  • We had same problems with the quinny buzz. My next door neighbour with a baby had luckily warned me. You can buy reinforced tyres fairly cheaply, and since we replaced them we've not had any problems. you can get them on ebay or we got ours here The people at this company told us they reat the tyre with a lining that is virtually impossible to puncture. Good luck x
  • thanx ladies, it was from halfords, will have a looky at the link thankyou x
  • hi,

    we have quinny buzz too and have had same problems...

    we have been suggested to use that foam stuff that expands then hardens...sorry forgotten the offical name couple of my friends have sed it obviously had no punctues!

  • If you have replaced the inner tube and it's still deflating you probably have a small thorn or something stuck in the tyre. It's worth taking the tyre off and having a good feel inside it as your eyes can miss small thorns very easily. I have a Maxi Cosi Mura 3 and do a lot of dog walking off road so get quite a few punctures! I use some slime I got from my local bike shop and it's been brilliant, I put quite a bit in but it really does seal up small holes very well.
  • i got some new tyres from the website loobylou suggested and so far so good!
  • I have the dilemma of deciding if it actually is worth getting a buggy with air filled tyres, because of the risk of punctures...the buggy itself (M&P Sola City) seems perfectly fine but it is a fairly new buggy to the market so I am not sure how durable it actually is. I am a first time mummy, have another 3-4months to go but would be nice to have the stroller issue sorted before the due date...

  • Hi Caroline, I live in the middle of nowhere and did get slot of punctures with air filled tyres and when you get a flat you are really stuck! I won't be going for air filled again !

    Hope that helps a bit x x 

  • We have the icandy peach and despite some pretty heavy duty off roading (live in the south west!) have thus far not had a puncture.

    However a friend of mine said that icandy themselves are really good with things like that and to contact them. I've registered my warranty and I think it includes a timeframe for help with punctures and things. Haven't had to look into it though!

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