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Wrong sex anyone?


Just wondering if anyone was ever told they were having a girl and then had a boy or vice versa.

Had my 20 wk scan last week and was told that baby looks more girl than boy at the moment (baby was lying a little awkwardly due to low placenta), but I'm sure that before she looked at the sex, when she was checking all the important things, that I saw testicles!! I'm probably wrong, but just would be interested to know anyhow!



  • mine were both correct and we had 4d scans to make sure! when i was being wheeled down to theatre for my emergency section one of the practioners asked if we knew the sex and when i told her it was a girl she said that the week before a lady had had a boy when she was told it was a girl, eeeek just what i did not want to know, although i suppose it was a good distraction, i think its quite rare to be wrong x
  • i was told girl and i had another scan a week later and asked (without telling them i knew) and they said girl too.

    she was indeed a girl!
  • it happened to my sister in law was told it was a girl but came out a boy lol
  • It happened to my work colleague last year, she was told girl but had a boy. She was devastated, bless her.
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