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How to make a Travel cot more comfy??

Hello Ladies

Need help really. We went on holiday over the summer for a week and our little man hated the travel cot and could not get comfy in it and just would not sleep in it and ended up sleeping with us - very tiring week for us all as husband cannot sleep when little man is in bed with us.

well we are due to go off again on a wee holiday and I need ideas/advice on how to make the travel cot more comfortable for him he will be nearly 15 months old by then.

Any advice will be much appreciated

Thanks xxx


  • I put a blanket over the matress and then covered that with a sheet. It gave it extra padding and stopped it rustling so much. I expected two weeks of terrible nights while we were away as my daughter hat slept really badly in it before but her sleep drastically improved, she started going longer at night and even slept right through for the first time in about three months. I think you can buy different travel cot mattresses on amazon which may be more comfy.
  • have you got a matteress for it or just the thin one it come with? we have a 3inch travelcot matteress and both kiddies have slept great in it, i think it came from babies r us
  • although my son always slept really well in his, my parents were concerned his mattress was too thin so they bought a travel cot mattress. I have to admit it down makes the cot seem much more comfier.

    i also put one of his fitter sheets on and take his duvet and pillow, same as at home to make him feel more comfy!
  • Thank you ladies - off to look at Amazon now image can the thicker mattress roll up and is it easy to travel with in the car? sorry for all the thick questions! x
  • We use a travel cot mattress, had it specially made to fit as all cots come in diff shapes and sizes but it still wasn't that expensive. When we've gone on holiday i've just laid it flat in the boot of the car then put everything else on top of it so doesn't take up any room. And we went abroad once when DD was 11months and folded it in half and put it in the suitcase-it's about 2" of foam with a cover on so folded it in half and squeezed it in! It took up quite a bit of room then but worth it i think for some decent sleep!

    happy holidaying!!
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