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Recently found out I'm expecting no. 2. My son is 10 months next monday. Any advice from 'been there, done that' mummies on double strollers? Or any other kind advice?


  • hello and congratualtions

    my son was just over 18 months when dd came along, shes only 8 weeks so were still getting to grips with everything, it was hard at first as he doesnt really understand they time she needs from me, i dont think you can really prepare a child of that age, i took ds to all my appt but i dont think that helped,

    we have a icandy pear second hand, i love it its a fab double, there are loads on the market though definatley a go and try exercise as everyone has different tastes and needs,

    its not been as hard as i thought it would be with two, it certainly helps that we dont have to get ready for a certain time everyday, although we do try to get to groups to keep ds stimulated x
  • hey im in the same boat.

    im not too worried, i am hoping my experience with no1 will help make fitting no2 in easier.

    you dont 'need' to be anywhere (like school) so you can make it toddler groups etc on ur own time.

    I am planning on doing things very differently with no2, for example, i am planning on buying a breastfeeding wrap so i can bf while sitting and playing with no1. I dont want no1 to feel like i am not there for them anymore which is my main worry.

    I am looking to buy a tandem pram, side by side just are too big!
  • I am like piggypops - My ds2 was 18months when my dd arrived. She is now 7weeks and it is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Like Piggypops I got an icandy pear 2nd hand for ??200 off ebay. It has been invaluable with the carrycot fabric as I also have a 4 year old who started school so needed a suitable double for walking to and from school. My ds2 doesn't understand fully why everything has had to change but is adapting quickly. My OH has had to change more nappies as I can't change 2 dirty nappies at once but during the dya when he is at work I just do them one at a time. My ds2 still gets quality time when dd is asleep but tends to want to sit next to me having a cuddle whenever I am bf!! He is also very interested in me bf as I didn't stop bf him until he was 14months - obviously still has a recognition for it. I also use a wrap for when I go to toddler groups so that I can still play with ds2 while wearing dd.
  • what wrap do u have if u dont mind me asking... at the moment i am thinking of getting a moby as they seem to snuggle the baby the most
  • I have a tricot slen wrap/sling it is wonderful as it fits any shape or size person/baby. I have used it with all 3 and can bf while baby is in it. It has so many different ways of wearing it but I only use a couple of ways it looks like Iam wearing a top with baby in it where all you see is her head at the moment. I got mine off ebay but here is the website
  • oh thats fab!

    i need one i can feed in, thats the plan anyway!
  • My son was born exactly 13 months after my daughter and i have 3 kids at 3 and under and its been fine, its hard work but you will be fine, get into a good routine and all will be well. xxx
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