Did you have a sweep? Was it successful?

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I really wanted to hear stories of ladies who had a sweep and if it helped bring labour on? Is it painful? Uncomfy? I'm due in 3 days but I feel like I've been kicked by a horse and walking is becoming a struggle which is affecting my poor little boy and mummy can't play much. I've a midwife appointment tomorrow and I know she'll offer one as she keeps mentioning them, so do I have a shower and a quick trim before I go? lol xxx


  • my first was early so i didnt have one then, with my second i had a sweep at 39+5 as i had been in slow labour for weeks, at this point i was fully effaced and 1cm, i had contractions that night after a long walk but they came to nothing, i had my second sweep at 40+1, i was 2-3cm then and had my daughter the next day.

    my first sweep wasnt uncomfy but i dont think she did a lot, my second was quite uncomfy but not painful she separated the sac from the cervix then so thier was a lot of poking about,

    as for tidying the garden it depends how you feel, if you want to be tidy for labour i would do it incase, i wasnt prepared with my first and was mortified :lol:
  • I had a sweep at 40+8, well she had a poke at me but wasn't able to do it properly as my cervix was clamped shut and very far back.

    I was induced at 30+11 and in the early hours of day 12 (when things were going very slowly) I was given another one and within 2 hours was moved round as I was in very fast moving labour all of a sudden :lol:

    Obviously I had also had a pessary in to start labour, but it didn't seem to be working very well and I do think the s+s helped me.

    The first one was painful (because I wasn't at all favourable), however the second one (when there was a gap in my cervix etc) was really just a bit awkward/uncomfortable.

    If I was having a natural birth again next time, I would opt for a sweep when it was offered. Oh, and I did have a wash and a trim (although once I was in hospital, I really didn't care :lol: )
  • Oh bless you, lol, I haven't even bothered with the old lady garden but my bump dropped a bit and I could reach finally!! Think I'll get sorted just in case, hubby is escaping work early so I can get sorted before we go.

    I think I could cope with uncomfy, I was worried it would be full on pain and I've enough of that to come! xxx
  • fingers crossed for you, unfortunately my sweeps didnt work, the first 2 times they also couldnt fully perform it and i ended up being induced so spent 4 days being examanied and i would say that it really did depend on the person doing it how sore it felt, yes its uncomfortable but not too unbearable, bring the stress ball with you to hold onto so you dont tense up too much! i did have my garden all ready for due date but then went 15 days over and i wasnt looking my best lol
  • It sounds like its very hit and miss then, you'd think on first examination if you weren't favorable then they wouldn't bother!

    I was induced with my son and I really wanted to start naturally this time, maybe I'll wait longer, see how I feel tomorrow I think.

    The things we worry about hey ladies? I keep thinking I must shave my legs, bits and pits, wonder what the hell my callulite looks like from that angle etc :lol: But I keep reassuring myself the MW's have seen worse haa haa xxx
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