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Long Haul Holiday Tips

Hi there,

I am beginning to feel very anxious about our holiday. We are going to Cuba on 05.10.11 for 2 weeks.

My daughter 'Hope' is 20 months and still has no hair!!image

Just wondering if anyone had some tips / hints / advise?

Sun protection?

Entertainment on plane?

Food / nappies?

Errrr I feel so stupid but Im getting ins such a state?? Im separated from her dad so feeling a bit vulnerable i guess??

Kerrie & 'Hope'


  • I've flown long haul a few times with my daughter and in answer to your questions:

    1) Sun protection - lots and lots of the spf 50. You will probably be able to buy Banana Boat spf 100 there but just in case, buy the highest you can get here. A few sun protection suits (tops and bottoms are easier for nappy changes!) are essential as it means you only have to cream the areas showing! You can also get the hats with the cape thing at the back of the neck. Also, perhaps a 'shade a babe' or similiar for when she is in the buggy snoozing!!

    I would also recommend you take liberal supplies of mosquito repellant suitable for kids - when I went to Cuba there were loads of the little buggars!!

    2) Lots of little, new toys - like books & crayons. Perhaps a portable dvd player if you have one with her favourite program on. Also, make sure you let her 'explore' the aircraft when the crew aren't serving. People generally don't mind kids walking up and down the aisles if it keeps them happy. My daughter only got fussy when she was bored of sitting still for too long. Snacks are a godsend too!

    3) Food will be fine, I wouldn't personally take anything with you unless she has allergies. It is not a 3rd world country and the hotels are well equipped to deal with children as well as adults. I would certainly take nappies to last the stay as even if your usual ones are available, they will be expensive.

    4) Have a fab holiday and try not to worry - kids are amazingly portable!! I loved Cuba, especially Havana!!

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