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14 MO will drink his bedtime milk bottle ONLY with his mummy

Hello, am new on this forum.

My 14 MO boy, has been used to having his diner with me (= his mummy), then milk bottle with me, then me putting him to bed (as daddy is never back home at these hours in the week). And now its obvious our little one is playing with this: whenever his dad tries to give him his evening bottle before sleeping time, our litte one refuses to drink the milk, he just plays around in his room, waiting for mummy (as for now eventually I would turn up to give him)...Even when I explain to him that I going to out/to bed and that his daddy will be feeding him this night, he doesnt drink his milk.....

Should we try putting him to bed without having drunk his milk (he eats a soup beforehand, which he can eat with anyone even his daddy) until he understands that mum is not always available for this? (am expecting little sister in 2 months so I need him to adapt to a different night time routine, without me)....

I welcome Any advice from anyone having similar scenarios at home...Thanks



  • if he eats plenty of dairy i wouldnt be worried if he decides not to drink it, you could use it as a chance to dump the bottles if you wish and start on a beaker? big boy drink?

    when DS was smaller like you it was only ever me who put him to bed which backfied when i went to work! we now do alternate nights so he gets use to it, which we are now doing with DD

    DD arrived when DS was 18 months and he very much latched on to daddy when the baby came home so this might be a turning point for you x

    good luck
  • Have you tried leaving the room/ house when you other half is trying to put your lo to bed? My DS is nearly 14 months and will only let me give him is night time bottle (this is the only one he has) unless I am out and then he is fine with my hubby doing it. x
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