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Tell us which baby buys you'd like to pay less for

What mum or baby buy would you choose to save money on? Perhaps you fancy the latest pushchair, but don't want to pay the yummy mummy price, or would a month's supply of nappies at a great price tickle your fancy?

Babyexpert is looking at working with a new website called BuyaPowa offer our users exclusive discounts on baby equipment, gifts and everyday buys, using the power of co-buying. The concept behind BuyaPowa is that the more mums who want to buy something, the more the price should come down. Our special offers will start very shortly so we wanted to ask our users what you would like to see discounted. So can we ask you to tell us which new mum and baby products you would like to see on offer? It could be everything from a pushchair, car seat, cot, Moses basket, or bedding range to toiletries, nappies, wipes or bottles, even gifts and toys.

Feel free to specify brands or just mention a general product, we want to see what families and parents really want and need. Then we can pass the most popular ideas over to BuyaPowa for them to get sourcing!

If you want something, please tell us below! Read more about BuyaPowa here:


  • car seats with isofix!!! also nappies - particularly pampers active fit.
  • nappies are a big expense.

    i cant even afford the outright price for reusable ones, and my council dont do a helping hand offer for them either which is annoying.

    big packs of wipes, its always single packets whereas i like to stock up on big multipacks and always buy during a baby event otherwise its blind robbery.

    car seat adapters are very very expensive.

    baby blankets - why more expensive than adult sheets???
  • baby food is a crazy price each. i make most of her food but for quick fixes, at ??1.50 a go its crazy money.
  • Nappies, wipes, follow on milk. Healthy snacks like Organix. Bepanthen, Calpol!
  • Pampers nappies, wipes and snacks. I cannot understand why a packet of rice cakes for a baby cost twice as much as a full size pack for grown ups!

    Also as before mentioned Isofix car seats- as they are the safer option, people should be encouraged to buy them and should be cheaper. My DD's seat was almost ??100 more in the Isofix option than not.
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