4 month old wont nap long?

anyone's baby like this?


  • You'll need to be less vague if you're looking for help!

    Babies naturally have sleep cycles and they'll only nap for 45 mins at a time unless you teach them to go back to sleep once they've come into lighter sleep at the end of their sleep cycle.

    I might be off the mark here as I don't know how long your baby is sleeping for etc but I know I had this problem at 4 months so thought it might help.
  • i jsut wanted to see if i got any response as often i dont.

    yeah it does seem to be thats what she is doing, although sometimes its less than 45, like 20 mins!
  • my friends baby did this until he was 10 months then started napping for 2 hours at a time, some babies just doent nap for long periods, my 11 week old will only nap long when where out and about

    the forum isnt as busy as it used to be and if people cant offer advice they wont post dont take it personally!
  • i am not taking it personally i was jsut being honest.
  • Hi. My daughter is 14 weeks now and I am finding that she isn't sleeping as much now and when she naps it will be less than an hour at a time. She is far more alert. What I have noticed is that she fights her sleep like my other daughter did when she was the same age and she is now 4. Yesterday though she slept for over 2 1/2 hours which was rare and then slept all night so everyday is quite different. I think it is quite normal to sleep less and less the older they get.
  • Hi

    My lo cat naps. He can have as little as 10 mins sometimes. The only time I have known him sleep for long periods is when we've been out and about with him in either his pram or car seat. I actually put it down to him been quite unsettled with reflux but also really alert for his 4.5 month.

    I'd love some ideas on how to get him to sleep longer through the day as he is so cranky come 5pm and I have to stretch bath & bed routine out more and more
  • my ds was a rubbish day sleeper until he was about 8 months old when he started having 2 long naps a day. He would only sleep in arms, or in car/pram when out and about. However once we got over the newborn stage and the reflux he turned into a good night sleeper so we don't stress about day sleep, we just put him down when he gets grumpy and he tends to sleep. great bonus though, sometimes at night he'll ask to go to bed and usually goes quite happily when I say its bed time.
  • ps even the trolls don't bother to post here anymore, I've been spending more time over in babycentre but its much bigger and busier. it was the name change thing that did it, I've posted a lot less since then,a s have many others
  • oh ok. thanks for advic!
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