help with christening


am organising ds christening for november. Need advice on entertainment what did you all do am unsure as to whether i need to provide some sort of entertainment and what it should be

so far have thought of doing the folowing:

bouncy castle

ball pit/floor toys


little mac who is a children entertainer does face painting balloon work etc.

however am having roughly 4-5 under 1's and about 6 1-7's ther will also be quite a few teen although they an entertain themselves

any advice appreciated x x x


  • hiya,

    When I had my son christened I didnt supply any entertainment, kids are good at making up their own games and I am sure if you have children you have toys.....

    The children at our christening entertained theirselves afterwards playing toys, and with each other.

    I think it is different to a birthday party really, but everyone is different, but dont feel pressured to supply entertainment.

     Good luck with your planning, are you catering for ityourself too?

  • Hi Daniella,

    We didn't have any entertainment at our litle boys christening.

    There has never been any entertainment at any of the christenings we have been to, and it's a lot as we have a rather large extended family!!! image

    Good luck with whatever you decide but most of all enjoy your little ones very special day

    Karel x

  • yer come to think of it i cant remember there being entertainment at any christening but when i phoned to book the club they asked if we had booked entertainment! think im just going to have quiet music in the backgound and surely parent can entertain thier children am thinking of takin a few toys to put on the floor !!

    am making my own bufet too with the help of my mum nd MIL also makin the cake have kept the bottom layer of my wedding cake and am going to add a layer of sponge for the kiddies and BF mums as my wedding cake is very boozey!!!

     thanks x x

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