Flat Head on One Side - Can anyone recommend a good pillow?


 My baby has a flat head at the back on one side and although I am encouraging alot of belly time and holding him on the other side I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good pillow?  I was thinking of getting him a love nest - has anyone used them b4?


  • We used Goi Goi pillows (now Lillia Kuddis Pillows) and they are great. Also took our little boy to a cranial osteopath, all of which we think helped.

    It was sad how little info or help we recieved when I brought this up with our doctor and health visitor and it was only by searching the web that we found these.

  • thanks for your reply.  much appreciated.

    I never thought his head was that bad - but went to the dr's yesterday for his 8 week check and the way they spoke about his head - really really upset me.  They offered no advice at all - so thanks hun.

  • Oh bless you, thats terrible that its left you feeling so bad. I don't know why there seems to be so little advice out there. Its frustrating. I was shocked when I first noticed our sons head, when he was about 12 weeks, and it was only just because he sat  on my lap, facing forward, and I happened to look down and see how his head had flattened.  The worst comment I had, from one of the staff at our local clinic, was not to worry if it didn't just right itself, when his hair grew it would all be covered over!! Great. Thanks.

    Hes now 2 1/2 and although I can still notice his head isn't perfectly symetrical, (whose is?!) no one else would spot it. I'm glad we did put in the effort that we did, rather than just leaving it to chance.

    So do what you think is right, thats the most important thing!

  • all three of my boys have had a flat side when they were little. so when i was expecting the third i got a memory foam pillow thing with bolster cushions from blooming marvellous and the third one had the worst and most noticeable flatness to his head!!!

    to encourage it to go round again i've used flannels to prop up the other side so the flattened side isn't being rested on but you can only really do that on a very young baby who doesn't move about much when asleep.

     also we massaged their heads alot sort of like trying to smooth out the flat bit (don't know if it helped or not) but now they all have fairly round heads which only i can tell where the corners were!!!

     i have alot of nephews and nieces and they've all had the same problem and we all did the same thing with each and they are all fine now.

     you can get some kind of helmet thing for flat head syndrome toowhich put's pressure on the head to help it form a round shape again if it's quite bad.

     anyway i hope this all helps you and that your baby grows out of it.

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