1st bday party food

hey does anyone have any ideas on easy cold finger food for adults and babies? what fillings would you put in the babies sandwhich? also i want to put a sandpit up would you rather that you lo played with baby sand , oats , cornflakes?

Many thanks


  • for my no1 first bday in 1 week i am doing:

    cheese and tomato sandwiches

    ham sandwiches

    pom bear crisps

    pringles for adults

    cocktail sausages and sausage rolls

    cheese and pineapple on sticks

    fruit salad on sticks

    cold pizza?

    i put oats in the sandpit as sand just gets everywhere.

    pasta tends to get eaten so i dont use it.
  • hello

    for DS party we had lots of finger food, chicken goujions, finger sanwhiches, cream cheese, ham, egg, choc spread, lots of carrot sticks, cucumber etc and dips, rice crakers, sauage rolls, cheese sticks, cold pasta salad, pizza fingers ( although this year we will be doing mini pitta pizzas the new fave!)

    we filled our pit with balls as the rest sounds messy!
  • For my son's first birthday we had:

    fruit muffins

    rice crispy cakes


    bread sticks

    potato salad

    pasta salad with pesto

    white and brown rolls

    sliced meats (ham, salami)

    egg mayonaise

    grated cheese

    cooked little sausages

    mini meatballs

    mini sausage rolls

    mini cheese rolls

    veggie sticks and cherry tomatoes

    doritos (for adults)

    organix sweetcorn rings & carrot sticks (for babies)

    and the birthday cake of course (home-made sponge with butter cream and berry coulis, decorated with fruit buttons)

    Spring x
  • Food as above but an extra favourite in our house is mini Toad in the Holes. They just disappear whether it's for adults or kiddies. I usually end up making 50 odd of the things.

    For a party just put out sandwiches, crisps and cold pizza. Veggies just get wasted.

    I would use cornflakes or rice crispies (Basic ones) in a snadpit because they're cheaper than oats (plus Charlie's allergic to oats).
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