growling at 4 am

My baby is 13 weeks old and has dropped his 2 am feed for the past 4 weeks, He does, however seem to have a period from around 4 am every night where he is disturbed, growling and grunting and throwing his legs about. He doesn't wake and is settled when given a dummy( until he spits it out!!). This can last on and off til 0630 when he has his morning feed. He is on gaviscon for reflux and infacol. He seems good at winding after feeds. Don't know what to do for him as it does disturb his and our sleep


  • Hi Sarah.

    If you know he's not hungry,he's brought up his wind,and he's not upset by it I wouldn't worry it should pass.Check he's warm enough,it gets cold in our house now around the early hours,so maybe have an extra blanket ready to pop on if you think it's got a bit chilly and that may disturb him.

    My babies all liked to be wrapped,not swaddled tight,just wrapped in a sheet to make them secure,help them settle,they also had a muslin right from the start wrapped up with them,which helped them settle well.

    If you think he's hungry maybe offer more feeds in the day or increase the feed if he's on formula so that the overall amount of milk he has in the day is more,as he's dropped that night feed.I do find the more food you can get in during the day the better they'll sleep at night.Maybe he's having a bit of a growth spurt.

    If it was the reflux causing discomfort I would have thought it would be more of  problem straight after a feed .

    Hope this is just a phase and baby's more settled soon.


  • I know the pains of reflux, my Alice was a prem baby and we seem to take that home with us! I know reflux can strike at any point!!!

    Does he lay on his tummy? Alice sleeps on her tummy all the time, it helps with the reflux.

    Sounds to me that if he isnt hungry then maybe he is a little bit chilly in the early hours of the morning. pop on another thin blanket and keep and eye on his temp.xxxx

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