Pacimals have anyone tried these?

I have brought these for my toddler and baby 12wks old mainly for my toddler as she is always losing her dummy in the car or in the night these pacimals are brilliant as they are easy for them to hold and you can use your own dummies as it comes with an adaptor  these are safe as recommended and made by a doctor I brought mine from trendykid site only 12.99 there are different animals these are also very helpful for when u want to stop your baby/toddler using a dummy you just remove dummy and they still have the cuddly toy for attachment


  • I have the pacimal and I bought the adaptor as my little girl likes her mam dummies. I got mine from an ebay shop and the adaptor from the states.
    I love it!!
    I'd get the whole set! image

    I also have wubbanubs which are similar but smaller and the dummies are permanently attached so I prefer the pacimal.

    Definitely recommend them.... it's a great dummy saver, if baby drops this in a shop, you notice and it's easier to find at home too!!
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