9 month old refusing milk

Hello everyone,

I'm having a bit of an issue with my 9 month old, he is refusing his milk... image

He was exclusively breastfed up until 6 months, when i started introducing solids. We moved very quickly with the solids and within weeks was on 3 meals a day and had dropped all his day time feeds. So only having a breast feed at bedtime (7.00) and first thing in the morning (7.00).

A few days ago he just flattly refused his bedtime and morning feed and hasn't had any milk feeds all day.

I've spoken to the HV and she seems to think that he might just be getting enough during the day. But, after speaking to friends and family they seem to think that it's not right for him not to have any milk feeds at all.

Please help.... what would you do???


  • It is natural for babies to lose interest in milk once they have alternatives on offer. You can still maintain dairy in the diet with yoghurts/fromage frais/cheese & give milk with some foods such as cereals or rusks/cookies to keep the taste familiar to them. From 6mths you can also mix cows/formula milk with foods to help wean of BF.
  • Hello my little girl has been doing that for the last couple of days but have put it down to teething. I was told by my hv that although she is on 3 meals a day she should also have at least 20oz milk for bones and teeth. It is alot to try and fit in and I feel I am over feeding her but she is mobile now so I suppose burns it off.x
  • Thanks for the reply image

    Does anyone know how much calcium a baby actually needs?? I know they should have about a pint of milk a day, but what does that equate to in calcium? I'm just not sure he's getting enough....

    For breakfast he has 1 1/2 wheatabix with full fat cows milk (about 6oz) plus a slice of toast.

    For lunch he has a hot meal (eg. spag bol) which i put a good spoonful of greek yogurt in, plus a put (eg. pureed apple and custard)

    For tea he has a selection of finger food (eg. dairylea sandwich, tomatoes, raisins) plus a fromage frais yogurt.

    Does this sound like enough... i'm not sure??
  • hey my dd did this about the same time- I think they need about 18/20oz worth at this age (if memory serves. I gave milky cereal for breakfast, custard and fromage frais for desert- lots of cheesy sauces and also bought those Heinz dried packet foods and snuck milk in that way x
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