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Thoughts After Labour

While I was lying in my hospital bed surrounded by all my family, celebrating our precious newcomer, I thought to myself that all I want for my child is the very best! - isn't that what everybody wants?

If anything was to happen to me I would want to know that when I leave my child, they would be taken care of by who I felt should. As well as sharing all the memories that meant something to me with my child and the rest of my loved ones.

While having coffee with my friend, I told her about my thoughts and she suggested that I take a look at

As soon as I got home I went onto One Certainty, and not only was it the one thing I was looking for but it was extremely easy to set up and FREE!!

After a few clicks I can now ensure that if, and when I leave my family they will be able to access all my best memories that I shared with them.

I recommend to check it out guys ...

...Love Faye xx
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